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Reviews: In’ Putia in Giardini Naxos, Sicilian cuisine is at home’

by Ada Parisi
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A ' Putia, that in Sicilian dialect means ' the shop ', born as a wine bar and retail food products (including the pork sausage black dei Nebrodi): today is always a wine bar, very well equipped, with a small kitchen. Small literally, Since the chef Peter Abiola works, with an Assistant Chef, in a space at sight at the entrance to the restaurant of no more than two square meters. For obvious reasons of space, the kitchen provides a few dishes, quick and gives priority to the quality of preparations expressed but raw material to processing.

Now, If you are looking for a creative cuisine and amazing, with unusual combinations, This place is not for you. If you want to try an authentic Sicilian cuisine, truly traditional dishes without variation or lightening holes to win the tastes of tourists (to be clear, I'm talking about the dishes that are on this blog, those that my grandmother, my mother and I prepare from home) then I recommend you take a break from A ' Putia. I tell you right away that value for money is very balanced and even becomes affordable by looking at the prices of the main dishes. The portions are very generous, as is tradition in the Sicilian hospitality.
The place is small (and so a reservation is required), the rustic-chic, with Sicilian ceramics, bottles, red tomatoes and local products on display and the menu has a limited offer geared especially to the fish, so fresh. Although some alternative for those who prefer the meat there is always. Starters – that satisfy even meat lovers with the mixture of meats, Sicilian cheeses and veggies (9,5 euros), the dish of pork sausage or cheese tasting typical nero dei Nebrodi (both to 12 euros) – include fish salad rapier (9,5 euros) and a caponata of swordfish with almonds (9,5 euros), where vegetables are fried but simply stewed, lightening so the dish while enhancing the taste of swordfish Strait.
Very good the rich mix of raw fish marinated with swordfish, tuna, anchovies, salmon, Red prawns of Mazara and Couscous with citrus (12 euros). The marinade is made on time is a guarantee of absolute freshness of the fish on one side and on the other the short time in which the fish stays in contact with the lemon juice makes it not ' Bake ' and do not take acidity, but only a fresh citrus scent. If you love the taste of the fish is a starter not to Miss.
Among the first (from 10 to 14 euros), all expressed and dressed very simply, ravioli with prawns and crayfish Mazara, a simple but tasty pasta with tuna bottarga di Favignana, Pistachio and lemon verdello, busiate (the typical Sicilian macaroni made with Underwire) with citrus pesto and spaghetti with squid ink, garnished with almonds and ricotta salata, as in the tradition of Catania.
Between seconds, from great price (12-14 euro), a great tuna with onions and sour Sicilian: the tuna cooked to perfection and the onion still crisp, with a sweet and sour flavor not aggressive.
Very delicate swordfish rolls, other than those to which they are accustomed (richer), served with a cream of peppers and a light pesto. Delicious calamari stew with couscous. The Sicilian dishes in menu such as swordfish in greedy or fish fillets to the Lan, typical Aeolian Islands.
Among the things Davies ', namely sweets (from 4,5 to 5 euro), truffles in Pizzo Calabro in various flavors (obviously didn't get from restaurant), a gentle cinnamon Frost, the semifreddo with Pistachio and almond, and the inevitable cassata.
As a backdrop to a beautiful promenade, to Giardini Naxos, with crystal clear sea and beautiful vases with prickly India, one of the symbols of the island. And here I can only sigh, why eat outside on the terrace of the restaurant, with such a panorama in front of, that would be great, the dream of every tourist. And every siciliano. But the continuous line of passing cars for what is nothing more than the via Nazionale, running through like a long snake all countries Sicilians, resulting in noise, pollution, Miasms, certainly penalizes those who want to enjoy dinner in the veranda on the sidewalk. And then, If you can, ask for a table inside. In any case, highly recommended.

(visited June 29, 2016)

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