Meatballs boiled

Crunchy outside, soft inside, tasty. They are boiled dumplings, a dish so tasty that recycling, when I boiled, I always put a piece of meat more to do then boiled dumplings. The boiled dumplings are a typical dish of Rome, They are still (well done) in a matter of great tradition like Happy Inns in Testaccio or to Flavio Velavevodetto. If these parties have made the boiled meat to the broth tortellini or cappelletti, you've no doubt Chicken, capon or advanced beef. For white meat I have already proposed to you l’Chicken Salad, green sauce and pomegranate, and beef or veal I suggest these dumplings boiled sfiziosissimo that are a starter or a second full pot if accompanied with a mixed salad or a plate of chicory buffing, to remain always in Roman cuisine. I'm used’ can be added to the mixture for meatballs also boiled the crushed potatoes, but I prefer to prepare them without: in my opinion they remain so softer. Have a good day!


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  • 400 grams of boiled beef or veal
  • parsley, just enough
  • an egg
  • 40 grams of grated Pecorino Dop
  • 40 grams of shredded PDO Parmigiano Reggiano
  • a clove of garlic
  • 80 grams of bread crumbs
  • whole milk, just enough
  • salt and pepper, just enough
  • a pinch of nutmeg
  • grated lemon rind, just enough
  • bread crumbs for Breading the patties, just enough
  • peanut oil for frying, just enough


Meatballs boiled

The preparation of boiled dumplings is easy: Wash the parsley, dry and chop finely. Chop knife beef or veal read (do not use a blender, otherwise you will get a soft pulp and without consistency, used knife and chopping board).

Sprinkle the bread with plenty of whole milk.

Place the beef in a bowl, add pecorino and Parmigiano Reggiano grated, then the chopped parsley, the grated lemon rind, nutmeg, whole egg, some’ salt and a little’ ground black pepper. Add the bread crumbs, not too drained, It must remain very soft and wet milk.

Mix all the ingredients with your fingertips until the mixture is well blended. Taste the mixture for meatballs boiled to adjust salt if necessary. With hands slightly wet, form of large meatballs the size of a ping pong ball. Pass the boiled meatballs in bread crumbs (salt it just) and then fry the boiled dumplings in boiling peanut oil, over low heat, until golden on all sides. Serve the meatballs hot or warm boiled. Bon appétit!

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