Swordfish in a Bain Marie Messina

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Swordfish in a double boiler: from good siciliana, I couldn't let you try one of the recipes with swordfish (strictly catch in the Strait of Messina) that are more loyal. This is, After grilling, the most simple to implement: very few ingredients, only extra virgin olive oil, Salt, garlic and oregano. Is, Obviously, a top quality swordfish. Despite the simplicity, though, the result is all about because taste and softness of the fish remain unchanged, with the plus a tasty and delicious sauce. Many people think that cooking in a double boiler is a hospital ' Cook ': in fact in this case is a prejudice to dispel, because this is perhaps one of the most wonderful fish cooking methods that enhances this. With this recipe I would also break a lance in favor of the use of garlic in the kitchen, lately just sets: in traditional recipes can be crucial, without considering its remarkable healing properties. The secret is, as with everything, the measure. And a quality like the Nubia red garlic or Sulmona. I know that maybe many of you care about the recipe that the photo, but I wanted to tell you that these pictures were taken in my home by the sea, on vacation, with my Iphone and not with the camera, and that the environment was a little’ improvised: but the recipe for swordfish in a water bath made with Sicilian swordfish, caught in the Strait of Messina, has an entirely different flavor. The wine we chose the swordfish in a double boiler, and that you can buy on shopping online WineYou, 10% discount by entering the promo code "ScontoSicilianiCreativi", is a White Salt, “Tenuta Valdichiesa 2016“, produced by Salvatore D'amico. Good day!

Ingredients for 4 people:

  • 4 slices of swordfish cut to a height of 2,5 cm
  • Nubia red garlic clove
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • Salt, just enough
  • oregano, just enough

Heat a saucepan half-filled with water and placing a heat-resistant dish or a pan. Pour into the pot a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and arrange the four slices of swordfish.

Salt the fish, put on each slice two or three slices of garlic sprout private and cut into very thin slices and sprinkle with plenty of dried oregano. Cover the dish with a lid which covers it, so the steam doesn't escape and let Cook over medium high for about 15 minutes. When it is cooked, the fish will become white and above you will be formed a creamy substance.

To give a touch of color to the plate – and a little’ of acidity – I recommend serving it with simple tomato salad topped with extra virgin olive oil, salt and oregano. Bon appétit!

THE PAIRING: Today's recipe fits better with a white wine that comes from Sicily, in particular the island of Salina, a volcanic soil that can give fresh and palatable. With this swordfish, We chose a Salina bianco Igt, Tenuta Valdichiesa, Vintage 2016, produced by the farm of Salvatore D'amico, Made from grapes Catarratto, Insolia and Malvasia delle Lipari, This wine is aged in casks made. Its scents range from fruit to white flowers, the taste is dry and balanced. This product is available on the online wine shop WineYou, where using the promotional code “ScontoSicilianiCreativi” You can get a discount of 10% on the price charged.

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  1. Emmevale says:

    And if baking in a water bath in the oven make it since the light’ to make sarde a beccafico? You say?

  2. Francesca says:

    Hi Ada,
    But if with the same ingredients I do a steaming, change the flavor?

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