The tomato confit

  • We speak of TOMATO CONFIT: I can't help it. For me it is essential, both as a garnish and as real seasoning. On the blog you will find dozens of recipes appetizer, first and second that without these delicious cherry tomatoes lose their flavor. Preparing them is simple and you might want to make in quantity because it keep well covered with aluminum foil and put in the refrigerator. The ingredients are few and you will see that there are no doses because it all depends a little’ your taste: you want them saltiest? Favorite them sweets? With or without pepper? And what flavors do you want to put: oregano, Timo, Marjoram? You just have to experiment: I usually use Piccadilly tomatoes, the tomatoes or parkar. If you like, halfway through cooking, you can also sprinkle with grated bread: It is not the traditional recipe, but it's a touch crunchy and tasty treats that can be useful in some preparations. By clicking here you will also find the video recipe step by step on my channel You Tube, which if you like you can also register to receive all updates!
Paccheri pasta with tomato confit and bread crumbs

Paccheri pasta with tomato confit and bread crumbs

Ingredients for a baking sheet of standard size:

  1. Piccadilly tomatoes 30
  2. oregano, Timo, Fresh Sage and Marjoram as required
  3. salt and pepper
  4. extra virgin olive oil as required
  5. 2 tablespoons brown sugar

Preheat the oven at 100 degrees. Wash the tomatoes, dry them, cut them in half and arrange them on a baking tray lined with parchment paper and greased with a little oil. Sprinkle with sugar, salt and the thyme leaves, Marjoram and oregano and bake for at least two hours or until the tomatoes are not wilted.

If you want, You can add a little bread crumbs, After the first hour of cooking, by spraying again the tomatoes with a little oil. In this way you can use it, For example,, to season a dry pasta.

8 Responses to The tomato confit

  1. Donatella says:

    Good morning, is the first time I write but I always get your articles, I really like to Cook, and then I try to always browse to learn. I find it very interesting and appetizing recipes. about the cherry tomato confit, can I use it as a Starter, at a buffet, I am preparing what today we would call happy hour to celebrate my son's graduation, and I'll add them to the menu, I really like ?

    • Ada Parisi says:

      Hello Donatella. Meanwhile, welcome and thank you for your trust. Certain, You can use the tomato confit in a Starter: from a simple welcoming bruschetta with burrata or mozzarella and tomato confit, a muffin with tomato confit and Parmesan (find the recipe on the site) or a cold pasta with tomato confit and Sesame (also here you will find the recipe), are good and you can prepare in advance, therefore an excellent solution. Let me know! ADA

  2. But you have to remove the seeds or just cut them in half? I I just cut them in half and they came good, Although I had to keep them in the oven a little’ more… Though I don't know how the ideal consistency.

    • Sicilians creative in the kitchen says:

      Hello and welcome. Then, If you want more wet and juicy leaves and seeds, How to you spotted alone, bake them a little more. If you need more buckets taking them off. Depends on the tastes. I prefer to leave them, especially if I use pachino cherry tomatoes or piccadilly. I hope this was helpful. See you soon, ADA

  3. I had been taught that tomatoes must “dry slowly” and for this we use the convection oven (120-140 degrees) for about 40 min. I've always prepared well and are very well…..

    • Sicilians creative in the kitchen says:

      Hi Maurizia! Then, the convection oven to 140 degrees is a trick to shorten the proceedings. The right way, What should use the chefs (they taught me the professional course but already there was doing so because I had read several books) would be 100 degrees for one hour and a half or two in a convection oven. Are soft and moist. Of course, with the other method there is a substantial time savings, Sometimes I use it too.. Kisses, ADA

  4. Ketty says:

    A great time will keep them in the fridge for several summer preparations instead of the usual tomatoes watery and with tough skins.

    • Sicilians creative in the kitchen says:

      Hi Ketty and welcome. You'll find that the tomato confit, that I love, are indispensable and versatile: then consider that you can do so the Piccadilly, But even the Pachino, the cherry tomato… In short, all types, just slice them thin if necessary and remove seeds and vegetation water. Try them in paste, both hot and cold, or in fish sauce or, For example, with a fish-fry together with olives, capers and parsley. Really yummy. See you soon, ADA

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