• Octopus with tomato sauce and olives

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    Octopus with tomato sauce, with green and black olives and fresh basil. A very simple dish, summer flavor and unique taste: preparing it solve first and second course, because you can make noodles with the sauce and serve as according to the Octopus, maybe enriching the pot with a potato salad and Mint scent irresistible. As you know, the Octopus is one of the fish with the least amount of waste (as soon as the 5%), has very few calories and an outstanding taste, Obviously if fresh and true. I love him a lot too all’Salad with potatoes and parsley, the Catalana, the plate or Fried, but I assure you that the sauce is awesome. Bake for 30 minutes in water flavored with carrot, celery and Bay leaves, I do cool in his water and cut into pieces; then the rosolo in extra virgin olive oil, garlic and chilli. I add a little’ of white wine, the tomato sauce, Basil and olives: other 30 minutes of cooking sweet, until the tomato sauce is not restricted and well seasoned, and ready. I recommend cooking in a crock pot or cast-iron, because the taste is really different. If you want to serve it as a main dish you might also think about a couscous or accompanying polenta, yellow or white corn, to capture all the gravy. And try the Octopus spaghetti with meat sauce a breeze of Octopus in red, the Rigatoni with meat sauce white Octopus, lemon and pistachios and the rice with Octopus. The Octopus be with you! Good day!
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  • Reviews: Open doors in Rome from elsewhere, When the restaurant is also integration

    From elsewhere the doors are always open. I have been to those who worked there, they are for those who want to do cooking classes and investing in their future and they are for those who want to taste the dishes at this restaurant that likes to call itself not ethnic but, rather, “contaminated”. Elsewhere, Open from February 2017 in Rome, walking distance to Eataly and Ostiense Station, is a social restaurant born out of a project of the Cies Onlus, the Center for development information and education, using MaTeMu (Youth Center), has created a free training course for young Italians and foreigners of second generation, unaccompanied minors, and refugees, that can become sous chef, help-maker and operator control room c. The claim of Elsewhere is “doors open to the world” and the formula covers the whole day: from morning, around 10, for a breakfast with leavened products, pies and pastries, to go to lunch with an offer which privileges unique dishes, with protein, carbohydrates and vegetables in flexible and affordable (between 9 and 13 euros), until the afternoon hors d'oeuvres and a gourmet dinner offers. So far, from training courses have gone 60 boys and girls between 16 and 25 years: ninety hours of theoretical and practical lessons, common to each address, While sixty are specific depending on the chosen course. After the final exam, students play a traineeship from elsewhere, where the training courses, or participating in other Roman reality. The success of these courses is that in this latest edition, compared with 15 places available, have received over 200 requests. Restaurant Manager is smoke B, the head of training and the kitchen is Kanhaiya Lal, the chefs leading the line of lunch is Claudia Massara, While the bakery and pastry are often supervised by Valerio Parisi. The most important thing, to which you'll have to think about enjoying your dinner, is that restaurant revenues Elsewhere are reinvested in social education project.

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  • Ricotta pudding, with meringues and strawberries

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    Last dessert with strawberries for this season… Today green light to other summer fruit. And’ the last recipe with ricotta, because from the Sicilian ricotta eat her good until June and not during the summer months, When it's too hot. I then combined these two amazing ingredients and the result is a ricotta pudding (Sicilian-inspired) with Strawberry Compote: serve it on disks of meringue (I always have in the House because recycling so most advanced of egg whites), but you can also use round Spain loaf discs or Digestive biscuits type i. And’ very easy to do and, If you fancy a sweet a little’ different from the usual pie or tart, could be a nice solution. Obviously, Once finished the strawberries (or if you don't like) You can use the same way apricots, peaches and cherries: the important thing is that you use a fruit with some acidity, in order to create a contrast with the mild ricotta pudding. And now I wish you good day.

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  • Spaghetti with green tomatoes

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    Green Tomatoes I always have a little’ embarrassed: I confess that I prefer the more mature ones from good Sicilian, with pulp, with less acidity. But thanks to mom (It is true that the mother always knows more than you…) I found a recipe delicous and easy way to make a delicious gravy, for which you need only 3 ingredients: Green Tomatoes, in fact Green, garlic and parsley. In addition to extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper. The particularity of this dough with green tomatoes is that tomatoes are cooked in the oven in baking dish, sliced and arranged in layers, alternated with chopped garlic and parsley. By cooking will soften, the sourness fades, whilst remaining pleasantly present and the taste is very peculiar. I have completed everything with a little’ of cacioricotta salentino, but you can also opt for the caciocavallo or for a nice doggy style, as Fiore sardo. From last, It's good hot pasta dish, If you use long pasta, but really great warm or cold: in this case I suggest you use a short form. Good day! Continue Reading

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  • Itineraries: from Agnone in Campobasso. Molise between history and gourmet stops

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    • View from Oratino

    They call it “the region that does not exist”. And I've always wondered what this expression to define the Molise. I wanted to go to see these places that my imagination could see similar to Abruzzo, Mountain Green. And in four days I visited this region and I saw her in her two faces: the cold winter and hot spring mountains and Plains and Campobasso. I chose to visit the inland areas, Alto Molise, and no coastal, and will certainly come back to see the Tan by the sea at sunset. The impression I got is that of a green region, rich in natural resources, from traditions and agro-pastoral still alive and fairs, like that of the transhumance, in recent years is gradually rediscovering. A region that still feels crossroads of what was called “the civilization of the tracks”, in a location which combines Abruzzo, Molise and Puglia. A land of great raw, with people that work hard, who speaks little and giving you much to do. What I remained at the heart of Molise are its villages, stuck between heaven and Earth, wedged on rock outcroppings where it is almost impossible to conceive of the settlements. Villages unfortunately penalised by access roads, they deserve a little’ more maintenance, excluding those of various Valley that are well maintained. Molise is also fine dining and food-fruits: from cheese to bread, from traditional desserts to an extraordinary olive oil: a paradise for gourmets, even for prices, really very below average. Continue Reading

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