• Quiche with peppers with yogurt, anchovies and caciocavallo

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    Today I tried with a mild but tasty rustic cake together: Pepperoni Quiche with Greek yogurt in the dough, anchovies, capers and cheese. The base is of Danish pastry, one of my favorites because it's flavorful and crispy, But if you want you can also use a paste ready (I forgive you) short crust is either browse if you prefer. The principle is that of quiche, that is, a compound made from eggs variously seasoned, but here there is no Greek yogurt instead of cream, that makes the filling more creamy, delicate and light. At spice we think, though, the Roasted Peppers (rigorously stripped): I recommend cooking them one day in advance, So let them cool down before you peel them and then losing to the pulp more water can. Then there is the caciocavallo of Agnone to give a spicy taste at all (you don't know it? Then read here and look at the video the production of this extraordinary cheese) In addition to the anchovies and capers. Finally a word on decorating… a quiche that pretends to be a tart where instead of the pastry are the fillets of peppers, a devilish, How about? I wish you a good day.

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  • Caciocavallo di Agnone

    And’ one of the best-known cheeses of South Italy, pear shape, the intense, the taste that becomes more and more spicy seasoning. And’ caciocavallo, that in the variant Silana has PDO status (Protected designation of origin) While in Agnone, in Molise, is a Pat (traditional food product), established in 2009 by the Ministry of agriculture. I will tell you about that Molise, whose track already is found in documents of the 1400 who speak of the area between the Biferno and the Aventine. And I'll tell you by partnering with a dairy town of Agnone, the caseificio Di Nucci, where the cheese is produced by eleven generations always traditionally crafted. That the Alto Molise, between the mountains of Maiella and Matese, It should be an area where milk and cheese are almost a vocation you can tell immediately, along with eyes the historic sights of the Transhumance. Even today it is easy to imagine the throngs of bovine animals before winter crossing the tracks to go to sea and toward greener pastures, in a journey through hundreds of years.
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  • White chocolate tarts with berries

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    Good morning! Today we prepare a tart, or rather a tartlet, fresh, with so many wild berries, a crunchy almond pastry and a cold cream with white chocolate and lemon. And’ really tasty and no one can resist his sweet-sour taste. The only thing that you must do, you prepare it one day in advance, because the chocolate ganache needs to firm up in the refrigerator for 24 hours before it reaches the right consistency: compact but absolutely creamy. Infinite pleasure. Lemon zest gives the sweet citrus that part which makes it pleasant, While as a garnish I used strawberries and blueberries, but you could use raspberries, normal strawberries, Kiwi, Mango, maracuja: In short, any fruit you prefer, as long as it is prone to sour, to create contrast with the sweetness of white chocolate. We come to the size: I have made many small tartlets, of about 5 centimeters in diameter, because I served as petits fours with coffee at the end of a dinner. But you can also make a single tart (with these doses 20 cm diameter approximately) normally sliced and cut at your service. And’ a sweet simple but awesome! Good day!

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  • Saffron Fusilli with asparagus, almonds and melted Primiero di malga

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    Good morning! Would you like to do another recipe with asparagus? Today I leave you a dish delicate flavor, very very easy to make: fusilloni cooked in water flavored with saffron, so become a nice bright yellow, with sauteed asparagus, toasted almonds and a fonduta di Primiero malga stagionato, a strong smell of grass and milk, You can replace with a Asiago. Each month has its own vegetables in season and so far between broad beans, peas and asparagus I don't know really what to choose. That's why you have to prepare for an invasion of green recipes, from the first to the second to soups, but they are vegetables rich in vitamins, mineral salts, anti oxidants and, Typically, beneficial for our body. While waiting to get the Eggplant and peppers… asparagus in my opinion are combined very well with saffron, as long as it is only a slight aroma, and especially with the cheese fondue, soft and tasty. If you prefer, You can also use a long pasta, Maybe leaving the fondue a little’ more fluid. I wish you a good day!
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  • Madeleine cake with ricotta, meringues and strawberries

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    Madeleine cake with ricotta cream, meringue and strawberries. This is the sweet that I prepare for my mum if she were with me to Rome the day of mother's day. I can't do it, because she's in Messina, but I do it when my parents are coming to visit me in June. So, I hope it will help some of you to celebrate your mom, but for a special occasion with friends, relatives, or just with your loved one. I put the heart, you a little’ of time in the kitchen: It seems a fair exchange. The sweet, beyond the presentation, is very easy to do: soft base with all the taste of the madeleine (I'm going crazy), a Compote of fresh strawberries, a soft cream cheese, some meringue for the crisp note (I always do when I move the egg whites, so I always have a stash at home, but you can buy them or replace them with some almonds), fresh strawberries and Mint. And’ a sweet Gourmand but elegant, fresh and soft. The base madeleine is so soft that it doesn't need to get wet, Strawberry Compote is sufficient to keep it moist. The cream has a full and round taste and strawberries lend a nice acidity. Do not panic: you just have to prepare (eye before you bake it must sit for three hours) and then enjoy a pastry Pocket. I hope some of you backed me and try to do it. Good day!
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