• Spaghetti al pesto, hazelnuts and caciocavallo

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    Rocket pesto. L & #8217; you've probably already heard of, probably you have already tasted #8217 l &;: It is an intensely flavored raw vegetable pesto, usually made with pine nuts and Parmesan cheese, or pecorino cheese. I tried to give it a more interesting, where he felt a little’ minus the rocket: I then replaced the pine nuts with toasted hazelnuts, and how absurdly seasoned caciocavallo cheese I used a, and then slightly spicy. Obviously, If you are not using cheese is a great vegan pesto. The result I loved. And’ a quick pesto, It is prepared in 5 minutes if you use the Blender, and in slightly more if instead (like me) Select mortar. In addition, You can prepare it in advance and keep it in a couple of days in the refrigerator, covered by one centimeter of extra virgin olive oil, or break it up into jars and, always covered with some’ extra virgin olive oil, freezing (you have to consume it within a couple of weeks). Yet, is a pesto sauce that you can use for pasta, as in this case, but you can also use it on toasted bread if you're planning a casual evening or a buffet with various types of sauces (guacamole, dried tomato pesto, Pesto trapanese). And, In addition, It does not oxidize and becomes so dark as the classic basil pesto. And now I wish you good day!
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  • Torta della nonna (with cream and pine nuts)

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    Torta della nonna. A sweet name for a simple cake but entry now in law in & #8217; imaginary Italian: the torta della nonna, with so much soft custard and rich with pine nuts, tastes of ancient things, simple and good. And’ a dessert of Florentine origin, Although the pastry cream and crosses the pairing #8217; & & #8217; Italy, from Lecce to Genoese pasticciotto Erice, It has now become one of the classic Italian sweet Sunday, What we all loved by children, made by Grandma or mom: all & #8217; a buttery shortbread is hiding a heart soft scented with lemon cream, and then a cascade of pine nuts, crispy, and powdered sugar. Still today it is one of the most popular Italian cakes on social networks (I can witness it in person) and one of the web's most popular recipes. The difficulty is really minimal, It just takes a little’ Arts and crafts in the spread and especially in his sweet. There are versions with a thicker crust and a cream soda, but I like to do it with a fairly thin and crumbly pastry and a creamy and delicious, that cut out slightly causing a sudden increased salivation. Let us look at the pine nuts: are expensive merchandise, We know. But this cake must be covered with pine nuts, so it's a small investment, but motivated. Since both on Facebookbe upon Instagram so many of you have asked me the recipe, l & #8217; I wrote it in a Flash and here. If you feel unsure, on my You tube channel even the video recipe step by step, so all the steps will be clear so you cant go wrong! I remind you that both the custard, both the dough can be prepared in advance and refrigerate, assembling the cake and then cooking it the next day. If Grandma's pie served in a couple of days, You can keep it wrapped in aluminum foil, at room temperature, If you want to enjoy it longer I recommend you store it in your refrigerator less cold part. Good week!
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  • Palets bretons (pastry biscuits Breton)

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    Pastry Breton, or sablé breton. Once you try this type of pastry you will never go back: It is a crumbly dough, very rich in butter and definitely more savory pastry municipality. The differences between the communes of sablé pastry cookies and biscuits breton (called in French “palets bretons”, typical of the region of Brittany) they're in the quantity of ingredients (unbalanced on butter, salt and yolk than the amount of flour) both in the presence of a pinch of yeast in the dough #8217 &;. The first recommendation is to make the dough for the sablé breton over night in the refrigerator, because it's so soft and gentle melting during processing if not very cold. Then prepare it one day in advance. The second recommendation is to bake cookies in metal muffin pans, in pastry rings or just in muffin cups, because cookies are so rich and buttery that they cannot keep their shape if not “content” into something rigid. That being said, It's a pastry with a unique taste, amazing consistency, very versatile: You can eat these cookies yourself (It will be the most delicious breakfast of your life), or serve them with custard, Jam, jam or hazelnut cream, as I did, or use them as the basis for modern funny sweet creams based portion, mousse or fresh fruit. Following the small tricks that I said you won't have any problems, and you will bring to the table a masterpiece. Obviously l & #8217; main ingredient is butter, that must be of the highest quality: the best thing would be to use a demi-sel Breton, intense yellow colour and taste (for the use of salt as a percentage of 2%). Salted butter is typical of the French regions of Brittany and Normandy. In Italy, It is not easy to find a similar butter in supermarkets: among the savory butters on the market found the Lurpak (but Danish), salted butter Daley and the “1889” Farrow farms (only in gastronomy) and a salted butter Cream Coop. Have a nice weekend!
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  • Pasta with porcini mushrooms

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    Spaghetti with mushrooms. A simple recipe, the scent of autumn and Woods. And’ a great classic autumn cuisine and I can't forget the aromas of mushrooms of & #8217; Etna, the steaming plate of pasta in front of the snow and lava, spicy and topped with pecorino canestrato siciliano. Weekends in Randazzo were a riot of dishes with mushrooms: pasta, the soup, Fried mushrooms, those mushrooms. Here in Rome I find Tuscan porcini mushrooms or market of Calabria and then, Since we are finally in season, Here is the recipe. A single secret: drain the pasta al dente and long mantecarla with mushrooms and l & #8217; cooking water, to obtain a thick flavorful but not oily emulsion. Obviously in my pasta with porcini mushrooms can not miss chili pepper, garlic and parsley, but not too much because it tastes intrusive. I bake the dough in a vegetable broth in which I put some mushroom stem, to make it more intense, but you can also boil it in water just. Finally, lots of black pepper and pecorino, of course if you like. Null & #8217; else, Why is the star of this dish was the mushroom! A little note about pasta: Here the use of durum wheat spaghetti, which remain al dente like it, But if you had time l & #8217; #8217; all are ideal egg fettuccine homemade &, to blanch a minute just before mixing (If you opt for pasta all & #8217; egg, I recommend you add a knob of butter to the sauce). I don't recommend ever using noodles for more than 4 people, because they are difficult to manage in both the baking flavoring amalgam #8217 &;, often longer. At the end of the recipe you will also find the video recipe, that is also on my You Tube Channel to which you can subscribe with one click to receive all my videos. Good day!
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  • Coffee tart

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    Tart with coffee cream, chocolate mousse and Praline nuts. The recipe that I propose today is a real indulgence, an anthem all & #8217; autumn, the intense flavors, creamy and rich taste of espresso and dark chocolate. And’ a perfect sweet to finish an evening or a Sunday lunch with friends, over a coffee or a glass of sweet wine. Now, I know you just look at the ingredients list will l #8217; anxiety and think is a & sweet hard, but I guarantee that it is not so. There are some steps to follow, but all preparations are very, but very basic. L & #8217; only thing might be less simple for the most inexperienced is the Praline nuts, You can easily replace with chocolate chips, ground roasted hazelnuts or even fresh fruit, to give a pleasant acidity, like mango, Pineapple, blueberries. The cake can be prepared in advance and refrigerate and lasts 4-5 days if covered with care. If you want to make a milk chocolate instead of dark chocolate mousse, You can use 150 grams of milk chocolate and cream 120 ml, and then add the amount of whipped cream as stated in the recipe. The dough is flavored with hazelnut flour, but you can also use almond flour in the same amount or make a common pastry using only 225 grams of flour 0. I told you everything, I'd say you're in time to try it on the weekend, What do you say? Good day!

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