• Ravioli with ricotta, Sapa and hazelnuts

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    Ricotta ravioli with sapa, that is cooked! A simple recipe and delicate, dedicated to those who love pasta in all its forms: are some ravioli’ details, stuffed with a simple cream of ricotta and smoked ricotta, topped with a sauce made with butter and sapa sarda, the cooked. Smoked ricotta cheese – you know by now that I use the dairy Primiero, soft, moist and creamy, Although persistent flavour – It gives the dish a very special touch, mitigated by the freshness and the citrus scent of lemon. Obviously, You can use any smoked ricotta or, If you don't like this taste, even a normal sheep's milk ricotta. The dressing turns on sweet, Thanks to sapa, But even a final note slightly bitter. Marjoram and hazelnuts scent of Underwood. Is’ a dish very, very easy to prepare, Although I realize that it is a combination of unusual flavors. What about? I hope you like.
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  • Khaki and Green Apple jam

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    Khaki and Green Apple jam. A simple and tasty jam, delicious on bread for breakfast (and I would also add a layer of butter demi-sel) but also suitable to accompany cheeses or blue-veined. I like it, seasoning with vanilla Bourbon and a splash of Maraschino. Only two things to remember: use very ripe persimmons (also to decrease the amount of sugar to add to the jam) and resist the temptation to open the jar for at least a month and a half, best two. Persimmons and apples already contain a great deal of natural pectin, so your Jam will thicken while cooking without problems. Once ready, You can choose to leave it rustic, with the pieces of fruit evident, how I like it, or if you prefer a smooth homogeneous jam: in this case you simply whip with the mixer and then, Once the desired consistency, put it back on the heat until boiling, boiling jars because it. I recommend, sterilize the jars as I explain in case, in order to preserve and enjoy the persimmon jam and Green apples safely. I made this recipe with persimmons and apples drop me from Fruit24, a project sponsored by the Association of fruit and vegetable producers Apo Conerpo (and co-funded by the European Union and the Ministry of agriculture) in order to increase the focus on fruits and vegetables stimulating responsible use and frequent in daily consumption. A project to which I joined with conviction, because I believe the consumption of fruit and vegetables, strictly seasonal and Italian cuisine, not only do good to those who eat them, but also all & #8217; the entire supply chain of our country. Good day!

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  • Risotto with robiola cheese with pumpkin cream

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    Risotto with robiola cheese with pumpkin cream. Today a dish easy but elegant, delicate taste. The risotto is creamy and slightly acid because creamed with robiola, is combined with a simple pumpkin soup flavoured with herbs. I like to serve it with the two elements in the same dish but separated: just put a bowl in the center of the dish and pour the pumpkin puree (they should be soft but not runny) and then pour in the Center the risotto with a spoon. Finally, remove the pastry rings and you're done: very easy but original. The risotto, made with Carnaroli (but also Vialone Nano will give you great satisfaction) cooked simply in water, not to cover the delicate acidity of robiola, reinforced by the Prosecco Docg which is blended. By choice I didn't use more cheese in mixing, But if you prefer a more intense taste you can use a 36 months Parmigiano Reggiano, aware that will go in part to enhance the sweetness of pumpkin. Of course it is also a vegetarian dish. And now I leave you go grocery shopping and wish you good day!

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  • Macco di fave fried

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    Macco di fave fried. A traditional Sicilian dish that, from street food and food fairs, became a refined delicacy. If you have already tried the recipe macco di fave and did you like, next time do a little’ more and enjoy these tasty pancakes with an intense flavor and smell enveloping (If you think they are vegetarians and even vegans, I don't know cos & #8217; else you could ask for more). You can serve them as an appetizer with a glass of bubbles, convivial as an appetizer or as a main dish with a fresh salad. We enjoy warm, with a squeeze of lemon and plenty of ground black pepper, and really all the strength and intensity of my l & #8217; Sicily. The type of pasta that I recommend is a wide and flat format, as the sagne, the beauty queens or the lasagnette di semola. But are fine even broken spaghetti or linguine. Cook the pasta al dente, Why then should cool down and will be cooked again with frying. Now hurry up and put the dried beans to soak, good day and almost happy new year!
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  • Christmas 2017, my creative menu and best wishes to you all!

    Christmas is on its last legs and I arrive just in time with l & #8217; last menu for parties, my favorite, What creative. After the menu vegetarian, to fish and to Meat Today I leave you the perfect menu for an evening with a few gourmet friends, with a mistress (or a master) who loves being in the kitchen, who loves to experiment something new and then try a different menu to its guests, with a little’ original and a finer presentation. Since the dishes are a little’ complex, and require an iron ladder in the preparations, I suggest you arrange for time and run this menu only if you are no more than 6 people at the table. This & #8217; year I chose a vegetarian appetizer, a polenta with cheese soup with herbs, Artichoke and poached egg, a simple but unusual filled pasta at the same time, Why are the ravioli with a creamy tomato broth and a heart of Parmigiano Reggiano 36 months, one of the most loved this risotto I & #8217;, that cheese and pepper with prawns. And yet the cod on bread sauce and pumpkin all & #8217; garlic and oil and, of course the chocolate 10, My chocolate layer cake in all its forms. Unchanged the gifts for guests: chocolate salami and dried fruits without eggs and truffles to the tahini and salt flower. And now I'm done with menus, so Merry Christmas to all of you who follow me with patience and affection!

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