• Because egg on artichoke, polenta and herb cheese

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    I don't know if today's recipe is an appetizer or a main course, It is definitely a dish suitable for guests that want to impress: artichoke stew with poached egg, buttery herb cheese polenta (I use the Dairy Primiero, that has the taste of Tan) and warm almond milk. I can't deny that it is a slightly laborious recipe, not so much in the preparation and the amount of preparations, Why do you have to do the artichokes in sauce, polenta (absolutely forbidden that snapshot, get a real polenta taragna), the poached egg. Almond milk just warm it with a pinch of salt, pepper and nutmeg. However, if you have the patience to get to the end, I assure you that the result will please you, because eggs and artichokes is unknown, they agree, buttery polenta with cheese is creamy and delicious and the almond milk gives the whole a note sweet and elegant. Who knows what any of you who wish to engage in a different kind of dish…
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  • Reviews: in the capital open Giulietta, journey into quality pizza between Naples and Rome

    I don't like inaugurations, I do not accept invitations to the opening of new premises almost never because I believe that an inauguration is not the right time to get a balanced idea. For two reasons: because if it is an opening press only local usually try to look your best, and not necessarily what is then the standard. And because if this is an inauguration open to confusion and tension can cause errors and problems. In this case I decided to try Juliet pizzeria the first public day of. Fabio sword and Cristina Bowerman, close couple not only the suffering but also in business, you jumped into this new culinary adventure by choosing a multifunctional path, that has led to the emergence of Romeo and Juliet, restaurant and pizzeria. But not only. To do so, they chose Emporio Square in Rome, in an environment from about two thousand square meters, where the restaurant and the pizzeria Romeo Juliet started the new venture on 13 March. Embedded below the Aventine hill, between red brick arches and high ceilings, propose breakfasts with products of their oven, a cocktail bar (24 metres of counter), lunch break, aperitif and dinner. There are plenty of space for cooking classes, a corner dedicated to gastronomy, private dining rooms: the venue is modular, designed by the architect Andrea name last name (who also signed the Interior of Hostaria Glass) and can become, moving panels and sections, to suit all needs. The project is ambitious (It also includes the journalist Andrew Sagar and il pastaio Giuseppe Di Martino), but Cristina Bowerman is not new to these challenges, busy, busy with Glass Hostaria, the tour to the Testaccio market and the project Ape Romeo, now dips into this new initiative which was born as an extension of Romeo chef and baker, started in Prati, and succumbed to 2017 to start Beer del Borgo (multinational group Ab InBev). I say at once that front on pizza and dessert the challenge has already won, While the fried and service can improve.
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  • Hazelnut semifreddo

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    The hazelnut ice cream is my favorite. I like usually tastes cream, I don't particularly like those with fruit, But if I close my eyes the image of ice cream that I have in my heart is definitely that of a hazelnut Cone, dark chocolate and whipped cream. All of course siciliano, nay Mai. Because, How to make ice cream from us are not done anywhere. The hazelnut is, in my opinion, the hardest test for an ice-cream maker: from this taste one understands the quality of cream and pitilessly hazelnut paste used, that is, what kind of raw material uses the gelateria. The hazelnut, We hardly ever: weak taste, slight, that with my eyes closed, nobody would recognize for Hazel. Then, Since I don't have an ice cream maker and I can't get an ice cream at home, I decided to make a Parfait, with the same ingredients of ice cream. And the recipe that I am presenting is amazing: I use a Langhe hazelnuts paste, and then the Piedmont Igp hazelnut Tonda Gentile. I bought it during a weekend in Cravanzana (Alta Langa) and I can't help it. You use the one you like best, but it is important that it is of the highest quality. L’alternative to hazelnut paste you have it at home, simply mix lightly toasted hazelnuts until reducing them almost to mush: you need 200 grams of hazelnuts, In addition to those for decoration. That being said: is a sweet beautiful, easy to make overall, amazing aroma and flavor. I will prepare for new year, because a Parfait at the end of a new year I think it is more welcome than a normal cake. Following the same procedure, you can also prepare a pistachio Parfait, Maybe served with red fruits, how I did it here. Good day!
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  • Artichoke quiche, with Fontal and Trentingrana

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    Good morning, Today I tried with a dish really tasty artichokes, one of my favourite vegetables, cheese and Tan: Fontal and Trentingrana. For this quiche with artichokes I prepared a shortcrust pastry with turmeric, wholemeal flour, butter and eggs, and then a delicious stuffed with artichokes, Fontal cheese and egg cream and Trentingrana of Caseificio del Primiero. And’ considered to be obviously a hearty main dish, whom I serve simply with a fresh mixed salad. You can customize the filling using other vegetables or other types of cheeses, Since the pies are one of the most versatile kitchen dishes. As you can see, for a while now’ by the time I'm adding, where can I, turmeric to my recipes, not only for the beautiful bright yellow that gives to foods, But why has anti oxidants, anti inflammatory and anti cancer. Curcumin, the main active ingredient of turmeric, It is however difficult to be absorbed by the body and, to assimilate the best, you have to hire her accompanied by a fat such as extra virgin olive oil, or black pepper. In addition, its precious substances are thermolabile, suffering from i.e. the heat. Then, You must consume raw turmeric preferably (You can spread the dust on gravies, meats, fish, salads) or subjecting it to very short cooking times, If you use the fresh root. And’ great even in infusions, especially if accompanied by green tea. And now I leave you to the recipe, Have a nice day!
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  • Itineraries: Monferrato, Acqui Terme and Brachetto Docg, a walk in the hills Unesco

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    It is said that the Sun is the best State to admire a territory. In my three-day trip in the hills of Monferrato Asti and Alessandria have not been very fortunate from the climatic point of view: I was expecting Sun, light and warmth, and instead I got mostly fog, rain and wind. But I made a virtue of necessity and I learned to appreciate the shadows and clouds, Eventually, gave a poignant and romantic air to these unique landscapes, they have become in 2014 Unesco. In these lands, keepers of high quality products, as Brachetto d'acqui Docg or robiola di Roccaverano Dop, the month of March is a period of low tourist season. For me, that i don't like crowded places, I prefer quiet days, a perfect opportunity to build a route between good food, great wine, culture and stunning scenery. The itinerary that I propose part from Acqui Terme and tap Canelli, Roccaverano, the underground cathedrals of the sparkling wine, the wineries that produce Brachetto Acqui Docg and not only so many restaurants to enjoy the excellent cuisine of Piedmont.
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