• Reviews: pizzeria King-Mi in Sassari, the brave challenge of Sandro Cubeddu

    Four types of dough, refined toppings, high prices but adequate for a pizza that, with a term abused, It is mandatory to define gourmet. After Cagliari, even Sassari has today its pizzeria quality, confirming that finally has taken the right path in Sardinia. Sandro Cubeddu, 33-year-old Bones, the small town of Logudoro, After six years of experience in Torralba (The White Tower), He decided to launch his challenge for a modern pizza. Did moving to Sassari and ushering in, in November 2016, Re-Mi, that name brings his passion for music and the desire to understand the kitchen brigade as a set of instruments playing harmonically the same Symphony. Cubeddu is supporter of an expanded concept of entertainment, that doesn't shut the pizza within the definition of “Quick food”, rustic, typical Saturday dinners among friends. For Cubeddu, The pizzeria can and should become a place to offer high quality products, carefully selected and presented in modern, in a relaxed atmosphere away from the noise of most Italian pizzerias. Careful scholar and Explorer of the different techniques of kneading and leavening, including the complex world of large leavened products, makes a Neapolitan-style pizza, not alla romana, but modern Italian, with the use of mixtures with indirect method, wholemeal flour, sourdough leavening and double. Over these bodies, Cubeddu likes to propose tasty serving suggestions worthy of creative cuisine, also with an eye to the Orient. A challenge, his, you play even on the level of prices charged, definitely much higher than average (with the exception of traditional pizzas), especially for a city like Sassari.

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  • Bresaola di tonno, fennel, strawberries and tuna sauce

    • Tuna salad, fennel and tuna sauce
    • Tuna salad, fennel and tuna sauce
    • Tuna salad, fennel and tuna sauce

    Today an easy recipe easy and cool, made not matching techniques and cooking but a little’ details: It is a salad with fennel, strawberries, quail eggs, cured tuna and tuna sauce made at home. A summer dish (in summer you can replace the strawberries with melon) that however does not give up any taste. I used a product of Scandia in Morbegno that had me intrigued and I could try because I was sent for a taste: the Bresaola di tonno, made with yellowfin tuna fillets that are treated along the lines of bresaola della Valtellina, dry or salty with the addition of spices and sugar and then dried. Often going in Sardinia are a great admirer of tuna products and this bresaola, a delicate taste and very little salty compared to many other products (contrary to what I expected), It seemed perfect for this salad. Indeed, to exalt the taste I prepared mayonnaise to which I added some tuna in oil and capers, doing so a yummy tuna sauce housewife. Strawberries give acidity, the fennel freshness and the quail eggs are combined very well with sauce. If you don't find the bresaola di tonno, of course you can replace it with any smoked fish, salmon, tuna, swordfish, or even with a carpaccio of raw fish, from salmon to sea bass with shrimp (of course submitted beforehand temperature abatement) and even with bresaola normal if you prefer cold cuts. Good day!
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  • Itineraries: the charm of Palermo between Unesco sites, gastronomy and confectionery

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    Capital of culture in 2018, Unesco by 2015 with its Arab-Norman itinerary, a city that has seen a succession of Kings and Queens, of different dominations that have been assimilated, adapted, metabolised to a melting pot of cultures and tastes still live today: This is Palermo, one of my favourite places, with all its many virtues and its endless contradictions. And a little’ with the instinct, a little’ with reason, I will accompany you to discover this amazing city, in an itinerary for those already there was, and for those who have never seen and want to discover it slowly, be dazzled by as it happens to me every time I see her. I have chosen as the theme of this trip (you will need at least 5 days and a great desire to walk to see everything we tell you) the route of the civil and religious buildings protected by Unesco (9 throughout, but here I am speaking of the Cathedral of Cefalù and the Roman bridge of Palermo), all dating back to the Norman period running from 1130 to 1194, exceptional example of socio-cultural syncretism that occurred miraculously in Sicily between Western culture, Byzantine and Islamic. Between a mosaic and compression once, I bring in some places of Palermo that you can't miss, Although outside the Arab-Norman trail Unesco, in the markets watching the many products of the island and eating street food, to taste Sicilian pastries pastry masterpiece (read to the end because you will find two videos that are sure to please). And I will bring you in restaurants that still serve typical well done.

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  • Boat of pasta with Eggplant alla siciliana

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    Summer, Eggplant, Sicily: Today we prepare the recipe of pasta with Eggplant Sicilian boats. I know, not a syllogism, but in my heart this is a triptych that always works. Today's recipe is obviously the Sicilian-inspired in the use of Sun-dried tomatoes, Eggplant pulp (I will never understand why the chefs call it “Eggplant caviar”), of capers, anchovies and provola dei Nebrodi. The whole thing is obviously served inside the Eggplant, baked and emptied, so you eat even the container, it becomes slightly crisp. Except the time it takes to bake the Eggplant (about 40 minutes), This recipe can be prepared in 10 minutes flat and has all the perfect Mediterranean flavors to dine on a summer evening with a nice glass of white wine. Of course, you can cook and drain the eggplant in advance (even a day) and I assure you that these boats are very good both hot and cold. What else to say? Good day!
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  • Reviews: “Josto” opens in Cagliari. Phlegm Pierluigi creative Fais

    I was expecting the gate from a couple of years, and finally opened in Cagliari, in June 2017, the restaurant Josto, by Pierluigi Fais. Same name, the same kitchen, Although more mature, focused and aware. Finally the path of Fais, promising at a very young age in the restaurant “Hussein al Duomo” the family hotel in Oristano, is emerging. After you have moved in the Sardinian capital, but with the measure and pragmatism that distinguish, and have opened a pizzeria, Selection, that in a few months has codified that which in my opinion is one of the best pizzas in Italy (rewarded with three cloves in the Gambero Rosso Guide), FAIS eventually is back in the kitchen. The goal is to offer very personal style dishes, that draw inspiration from the ingredients and raw materials most characteristic Sardinian dishes and come to rework and combinations led by fil rouge of acidity, always present and well calibrated, true stars of Fais.

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